Untitled Project in Progress by Frederik Carbon and Wim Opbrouck
~ Premieres in 2024 ~
Produced by Wim Opbrouck & Tania Berkovitch
Created by Wim Opbrouck & Frederik Carbon
Directed by Frederik Carbon
Actor, musician and visual artist Wim Opbrouck asked Frederik Carbon to co-create and direct a documentary or improvisation film about the North Sea. The film is also a portrait of Wim Opbrouck through his fascination with the sea and the people working on it; an inner exploration and an artistic experiment. We are trying to perform the Poco Adagio from Camille Saint-Saëns’ 3rd Symphony (also known as the “Organ Symphony”), with the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra, on a sand-bank off the Belgian coast, which only surfaces a few times per year for about an hour during the spring and autumnal equinox. Perhaps like humanity itself, the orchestra emerges from the ocean to play its tunes for a brief period before sinking away again into the primordial ooze.
De Standaard Weekblad: "When the orchestra plays at sea
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