Like They Walk On The Moon (Post-production)
Acclaimed actor, musician and visual artist Wim Opbrouck and director Frederik Carbon take us on a surreal voyage on the Belgian North Sea. Like They Walk On The Moon is an expedition and concert movie, an inner exploration and artistic experiment. After many adventures, the makers ultimately try to perform the Poco Adagio from Saint-Saëns' organ symphony with the Brussels Philharmonic orchestra on a twice per year and only one hour emerging sandbank off the coast. Perhaps like humanity itself, emerging from the ocean to play its tunes for a brief period before sinking away again into the primordial ooze.
Produced by Gare du Nord - Tania Berkovitch & Wim Opbrouck
A Film by Wim Opbrouck & Frederik Carbon
Written by Frederik Carbon & Wim Opbrouck
Directed by Frederik Carbon
De Standaard Weekblad: "When the orchestra plays at sea
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